Our privacy policy (in Danish: Privatlivspolitik) statement discloses how we handle user and customer data. We have written this statement in English to make it as accessible as possible to users of different languages.

1. Introduction

Doyo Group, CVR nr. NO 918 375 910 MVA (“Kinbo”), has developed and operates, a residential platform (the “Platform”) for new construction homes. On the Platform, both upcoming and ready-to-sell housing projects are published, so that those who are just curious or perhaps ready to live in a new construction home can get a project overview and register as an interested party.

This privacy policy provides you with information about how Kinbo, as data controller, collects, processes and discloses your personal information, and for what purpose, as well as what rights you have in this context. Kinbo will process personal data in accordance with the privacy laws in force at any given time.

Kinbo, represented by the CEO, is data controller and responsible for the processing of your personal data. The data controller decides the purpose of the processing of personal data, and which means are to be used for the processing.

If you have any questions regarding Kinbo’s processing of your personal data or this privacy policy, you can contact us using the following contact information:

2. What personal data we process, and the purpose and legal basis for the processing

Kinbo processes personal data about users of the Platform: those who register as an interested party on the Platform, customer contacts, suppliers and other partners, and persons who contact Kinbo, e.g. by sending an inquiry via the Platform.

Kinbo collects the personal data about you in various ways, such as when you register as an interested party on the Platform, from your use of the Platform or via telephone, e-mail or other means of contact, and in connection with our cooperation with suppliers and customers where we receive your personal data from you or your employer or client.

Kinbo processes personal data for the following purposes and processing basis:

  • Interested party administration: to register interested parties and inform about and send updates on current and future projects you have expressed your interest in and to map interested parties preferences etc. This may involve processing personal data such as first name, last name, gender, e-mail address, telephone number and preferences related to projects that the interested party states. The consequence of not providing such information is that Kinbo cannot register you as an interested party, user or provide you with information about relevant projects. The treatment is based on consent that the interested party has given when registering as an interested party or on the basis of a balance of interests. Kinbo’s legitimate interest is to assist you.

  • To share personal data with our partners, such as developers and real estate agents, including to ensure further follow-up of those who have registered as interested parties. This processing will be based on your consent, which is given in connection with you registering as an interested party on the Platform. The relevant partner will be responsible for processing the personal data it collects and processes.

  • To obtain data about the use of the Platform, Kinbo uses cookies and collects, anonymises, and stores your IP address (the number that identifies your computer or other equipment on the Internet) and other information about your browser. We do this to count the number of visitors, distinguish between different visitors, remember previous visits from the same device, reveal how long the visit lasts, which websites visitors come from, which browsers are used, indicate where (at area or country level) visitors come from and to protect the security of the Platform. The treatment is based on a balance of interests, where our legitimate interest is to obtain visitor statistics, as well as to optimise and further develop the Platform. You can read more about our use of cookies in point 7.

  • Respond to inquiries we receive, for example via the Platform, where we process names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and any personal data that may result from the inquiry. The treatment is based on a balance of interests, where our legitimate interest is to be able to handle and answer such inquiries.

  • Send out marketing and newsletters, for example about other projects, if you have agreed to this, where we process your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

  • System testing, quality assurance, troubleshooting and other processing necessary to improve our services. The basis for the treatment is Kinbo’s legitimate interest in improving its services, as well as delivering flawless services to its users.

  • Administration of relationships with suppliers, customers and other partners, where names and contact information for employees of suppliers, customers and other partners are processed, in addition to personal information contained in contracts, current correspondence, meeting minutes, etc. The treatment is based on a balance of interests, where our legitimate interest is to manage the supplier, customer or partner relationships, including communicating with our designated contact persons.

  • Compliance with statutory requirements and legal obligations, such as requirements in accounting legislation, and to comply with other requirements or requests from public authorities.

  • Safeguarding the rights of Kinbo or those of any third parties, including to establish, assert or defend a legal claim that we believe has, or is directed against us by users of the Platform, interested parties, customers, suppliers, partners, other third parties or public authorities.

3. Retention of personal information

Kinbo will not store your personal data longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the personal data was collected. If the processing is based on consent, the processing will cease when you withdraw your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

The personal data will nevertheless be stored for as long as it is necessary for Kinbo to fulfil statutory requirements and legal obligations, including requirements for continued storage in accordance with accounting legislation, and to the extent necessary to safeguard Kinbo’s rights.

4. Protection of personal data

Kinbo takes your privacy seriously and has implemented adequate security measures to protect your personal data against breaches of personal data security and unauthorised access to and disclosure of personal data.

5. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Kinbo will only disclose personal data to third parties if there is a legal basis for this.

Kinbo may use data processors to collect, store or otherwise process personal data on our behalf. The relationship with such data processors will be regulated through data processing agreements, which, among other things, ensure confidentiality and safeguarding of personal data at all levels.

Your personal data may be the subject of processing or storage outside the EU / EEA. In this case, Kinbo will ensure that your personal data is subject to adequate security guarantees, through the use of EU standard terms for such transfer or by transfer to countries pre-approved by the EU Commission and by implementing other measures necessary to safeguard your rights. Contact us if you want more information about this.

Kinbo will also be able to hand over personal data to our partners, such as developers and real estate agents, including to ensure further follow-up of those who have registered as interested parties. Such disclosure will be based on your consent, which is given in connection with your registration as an interested party on the Platform. The relevant partner will be responsible for processing the personal data it collects and processes.

Markets may in some cases disclose personal data to public authorities to meet statutory requirements or comply with government requests, for example to comply with obligations under accounting or tax legislation. Public authorities will in such matters be responsible for processing the personal data we provide.

6. Links to other sites and social media

The Platform may contain links to other websites. These websites have their own privacy policies that describe how personal data is collected and processed. If you provide personal data to such a third-party website, the processing will be subject to this website’s privacy policy. Kinbo does not take responsibility for such third-party websites or how they process your personal data. We therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with the privacy policies and terms of use for such third-party websites when you visit and use these websites.

When you "like” or become a member of Kinbo’s Facebook page or Kinbo’s pages on other social media, this will be shared with the relevant platform. The same goes for other activities on Kinbo’s pages on social media, such as content you post and posts you like. The relevant platform will be responsible for the personal data it collects and processes. More information about this treatment and your rights follows from the individual platform’s privacy policies.

7. Cookies

The Platform uses cookies and other tracking mechanisms. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that are used to collect information while you visit the Platform. We use cookies so that we can better understand how you use the Platform, obtain statistics about the use of the Platform and customise ads that are displayed to you, for example on Meta. In the long run, we use this knowledge to prepare ever better and more user-friendly offers and to offer you a better experience when you visit the Platform.

The data we collect using cookies includes information about the browser, operating systems, use / navigation, device location, etc. The data is processed in a anonymised and aggregated form, which means that we cannot trace the data we collect back to the individual user.

Kinbo uses Google Analytics cookies, which you can read more about here:

Kinbo also uses HubSpot cookies, which you can read more about here:

To monitor the use of cookies and other tracking mechanisms, visit or

You can change your browser settings to identify and block the use of cookies. Read more about how to manage cookies on Please note that if you choose to refuse the use of cookies, it may restrict access to some functions on the Platform.

8. Your rights

You have the right to demand access, correction, or deletion of the personal data Kinbo processes about you if the conditions for this are met. You also have the right to demand limited processing, direct objection to the processing and data portability (right to have personal data handed over or transferred in a suitable format), where the conditions for this are met. If the treatment is based on your consent, you can withdraw it at any time.

If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us by using the contact information provided above in the Introduction.

You have the right to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. We encourage you to address any objections to Kinbo’s processing of personal data with us first.

9. Changes to the privacy policy

The current privacy policy will be available on the Platform. In the event of changes in Kinbo’s processing of personal data, this privacy policy will be updated on the Platform.

If we make changes to the processing of personal data that requires your consent, we will obtain your consent before we implement such changed processing.